A summary of my work as a TA and instructor at the University of Toronto.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (ROB311)

I helped design and eventually taught a semester-long 3rd year engineering science course based on Russel and Norvig's classic textbook and Sutton and Barto's Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction. Lectures, assignments and exams covered: the history of AI, search, logic, constraint programming, game playing AI, ethics of AI, planning, decision tree learning, (partially observable) Markov decision processes, and reinforcement learning.

Python programming assignments included:

  • Basic search algorithms over graphs and trees

  • Robot motion planning

  • A game-playing AI competition

  • Solving MDPs and \(k\)-armed bandit problems

  • An essay on ethical issues surrounding advances in AI systems

2021 · Instructor · University of Toronto

Remotely delivered lectures to a class of 77 students during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of two TAs, the course's assessments were modified to a format appropriate for remote learning.

2019-2020 · Teaching Assistant · University of Toronto

Duties included creating Matlab and Python assignments with Autolab, running tutorials, answering students' questions, and creating and grading midterm questions.